7 Star Hotels Luxury Rooms

7 Star hotels room can be found in some hotel that have high level of luxury. It get the rating from the level of its luxury. Here is the list of some hotels that have 7 Star room in it.

Dubai's Burj Al Arab Hotel

Dubai’s Burj Al Arab Hotel

First, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele hotel which have the seven star room called Town House. Actually, the room which has the highest luxury is a well-known part gallery named Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in the center of Milan. The gallery room design is very classic. The mix of wall painting and decoration forms a distinctive contrast. You can relish the beautiful scenery of the gallery with the room space provided.

Second, the Pangu 7 Star Hotel or Morgan plaza is the most luxurious seven star hotel which part of restaurant. Its designs is unique with a mix of china ornaments and bright color. The hotel is very luxurious from the blend of furniture arrangement and color combination.

Third, Emirates palace hotel AbuDhabi is different from the hotel mentioned above. This hotel offers the luxurious entertainment facilities such as swimming pool and theater. It also has a friendly service and decoration of the swimming pool which is luxurious and complete.

Finally, Flower of the East Hotel get its seven star rating from its building and design. Flower of the East Hotel looks remarkable at night. The beam has magnificent looks from its flower-like design. The rooms and spaces inside the hotel also have a luxurious and complete design.