Brooklyn Bridge, New York (Best Travel Guide)

In New York, there is the famous bridge which connected Brooklyn and Manhattan called Brooklyn Bridge. It was designed by John Augustus Roebling. The bridge was finished in 1883. It is considered as one of the oldest suspension bridge in America since this magnificent bridge still stands in all its glory for over 132 years. The bridge spans the East river. It also used to be one of the longest suspension bridge. Brooklyn Bridge is known as the most famous route in the city for both visitor and people who live there. You can travel across the bridge by various ways such as walk, drive, or bike.

Brooklyn Bridge 2

One of the most popular activities that people who travel to New York like to do is walking across the Brooklyn Bridge. Before you start this activities, first thing you have to do is decide which side you will start from; Brooklyn or Manhattan. There is a walkway above the road for walking across which can be accessed from both side. If you choose Brooklyn, you have two access points to choose. The first access point is from the underpass on Washington Street. The next one is from the road that begins at an intersection of Boerum Place and Tillary Street. If you choose Manhattan, your access point is the Pedestrian Walkway from the City Hall in Manhattan. The most popular route is from Brooklyn to Manhattan. When you have crossed the bridge, you can easily get back to your starting point by a cab or subway.

Brooklyn Bridge

If you travel to New York, make sure you do not miss an opportunity to walk across the magnificent Brooklyn Bridge. When you go out on the tour, don’t forget to spare sufficient time at least an hour to enjoy your trip. During the day, you can enjoy the view from all side of the bridge. Also, make sure that you have your camera in hand to take a photo of the beautiful Manhattan skyline.

Before you walk across the bridge, you should prepare your supplies because you can’t find food or water vendor on the Brooklyn Bridge. Also, don’t forget to wear your most comfortable shoes because you have to walk about 1.3 miles.