Corcovado Mountain The Statue Of The Jesu – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

If you think about Rio de Janeiro, you might think about a humongous statue of Jesu, which is on the top of the mountain named as Corcovado, or as Hunchback Mountain due to its shape.


Both the peak and the monument of Jesu catches the eye of public as they can be seen from the distance. In order to get to the statue, there is a narrow street around 3.8 kilometer long, and there are three trains using electrical power to get the passengers to the peak, estimated that they can help 540 people to reach the peak per hour. After taking the train, a crowded road will get them to reach the destination of the statue.


Statistically, approximately 300,000 tourists come to make a visit to this statue annually, which proves that it is a popular tourist attraction. Not only are visitors able to see the statue of Jesu, the scenery is another attractive factor. The town and vast surrounding can be seen such as Copacabana beaches and Sugarloaf Mountain.

To prove its popularity more, many important figures have come to visit this place such as Pope Pius XII, Princess Diana, or even Albert Einstein. If you need a more exciting trip, you can join rock climbing on this mountain as well.