Dubai Mall – The World Largest Shopping Mall (REALLY AMAZING)

Since Dubai is one of the luxurious and rich country due to its national income and high international trade rate, it is not surprising that Dubai Mall is considered the largest shopping mall in the world since it is needed to be constructed in order to fulfill the business damand.


Not only this 6-floor shopping center provides more than 600 retail stores, it also offers other tourist attractions such as Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, where we can find a variety of species of fish preserved in a large spectacular turquoise aquarium and wildlife in the zoo.

If you are a snow lover, the Ice Rink will capture your impression. This space offer you an excitement of ice skating with the capacity of up to 2,000 people. Amidst the land of Dubai where snow is not often seen. This place can offer another dimension to the city.



Surprisingly, there also provides a large center for gaming. SEGA Republic is an entertainment meeting place for all games lover. This indoor park is packed with a various games from SEGA, and it is designed to suit gamers with all ages. Thus, if you know that you are gamers and you get a chance to come to Dubai, make sure this destination is counted as well.

Reel Cinemas is also one of the reasons attracting more and more people to visit this mall. Apart from its grandeau and magnificence, it is a Megapixel-based cinema providing 2D and 3D movie with a spacious size that can support up to 2,800 seats.