Finland Landscape – Summer and Winter Season

Finland, the land of lakes and islands, is one of the most wonderful landscape in Europe. However, due to it climate which is subarctic, there are only two main season in Finland, summer and winter, when it is warm in summer and it is very cold in winter. Visitors can often come and see Finland in 2 dimensions and witness the beauty of nature in the country.




During summer, the field and grassland are full with yellow and green. Together with blue lake, the scenery in Finland is full of colors and liveliness. It is so perfect for visitors to take photos of memorable landscape.



When the winter comes, Finland will be covered by white snow and hills will turn blue due to the snow in fall. The calm beauty of winter in Finland can also touch visitors, no less than the colorful land in summer.



All year long, visitors can plan a lot of activities while contemplating the beautiful scenery of Finland during both summer and winter. Camping and enjoying many activities with friends and families, hiking for more adventure, or relaxing to absorb the peace within the vast land covered by snow during winter, these are examples and visitors can plan on other exciting and touching activities within Finland, the land of nature and the beauty created by the Mother Nature.