Sahara Desert Animals Dangerous Animal

Sahara Desert bears the title of the largest desert in the world; this is real and not the title just to show off, with the fact that it covers a very large area -9.4 million sq.kms. – including many countries in Africa, from Egypt to Morocco.


Due to the condition of the vast desert which is very severe because of the lack of water and the heat, many species have an urge to adapt themselves to the climate of the desert. Many of them can live when they have no water to drink for a long time. Many need to protect themselves from heat by many methods, such as digging holes, finding shades, and living in burrows.






Diverse species of animal are in Sahara and they are the good example to show how the land has been contaminated by human activities because their own sensitivity to such change.


One of the most common species in Sahara is ‘scorpion’. They hold the record that they are the longest species in the region with 8 inches long. Also, Collared Lizards are often seen in this region. Their distinctive characteristic are that they have two dark collars and their ability to run very fast to flee the hunters in the desert. Last but not least, there are Kangaroo Rat, the animals with an interesting ability. It can turn seeds which are often dry to be water after being eaten.