Tropical Fish Beautiful Natural Color Design

In the aquarium, the visitors will be thrilled with the color of fishes as often. Those are tropical fishes living in tropical areas. Some inhabit in fresh water while others live in the ocean. The colors of the freshwater fish’s skin appear differently according to the light in that environment while the fish living in the ocean will appear in different colors because of its pigment. Fish keepers call the species that live in the fresh water as tropical fishes while saltwater tropical fishes are used to call the ones living in the ocean. The majority types of fish that are commonly seen in the aquarium are from aquaculture with the same species or crossing over and from its actual habitats.

In addition to the fish keepers, aquanauts are also interested in tropical fishes in their real habitat, the sea in tropical climate.

Coral reefs are used as the habitats of different kinds of tropical fishes. They live their life and propagate the species this area by using the reefs to protect themselves. The tropical fish use their adaptive ability to survive behind the wall of the coral reefs. Obviously, here is considered one of the most proper spots to study the complicated life circle of these fishes and their biodiversity.



One-fourths of the tropical fish use coral reefs as their dwellings. Surprisingly, less than a percent of the ocean area lays the reef habitats. Furthermore, the coral reefs become endangered and disrupted because of water contamination and invasion by human. Several species of the tropical fishes are likely to become extinct as these destructive materials interrupt the ability of the fish to survive and the coral reefs are unable to live.

At present, some fish lovers may dedicate to bringing an aquarium at home. However, it is significant to make proper preparation. There are a number of factors to be considered before feeding the fishes, such as their characteristics, growth stages, the ways of feeding and breeding them.

There are many species of fishes that people tend to feed such as Bronze Corydoras, Emerald Catfish, albino Cory Cot, and so on.