Wonderful Crater Lake National Park in Oregon

Ranking in the 7th of the deepest lake in the world, the Crater Lake, located in the U.S. national park, Oregon is one among many beautiful lakes in USA. It holds the record that it is 1,943 feet deep, which is around 592 meters, which becomes the deepest lake in the Unite State and. This lake is surrounded by hills and forests, and it was once a volcano which is now destroyed.


As one of the most famous lake in USA, visitors often come to this place and do a lot of activities in the national park. One is fishing. People can fish many species without being worried about the limitation of size. Thus, fishing camps and sites are occasionally seen. Moreover, hiking trails around the lake can be loved by people who love to go hiking.


Swimming and sailing trips are also allowed in the lake. The reason behind this is to prevent a cinder cone in the lake. These activities are also famous to people who comes and make a visit to this lake.


To prove that this lake gain popularity among people, the record depicts that in 2014, there are more than 500,000 visitors who come to this lake. Thus, if you would like to find a beautiful lake and do a lot of activities, Crater Lake in Oregon is the good destination for you.