World Trade Center Attack 9/11

Located in the Lower Manhattan, New York City, United Stated, World Trade Center, the building which was attacked by a group of terrorists on the memorable date of 11th September, 2001, is now under reconstruction, and is expected to replace the former building in the list of seven towers.


Not only the World Trade Center, after the attack other five buildings around World Trade Center were damaged tremendously and needed to be constructed, with a memorial for the victims of this disaster which was planned to be constructed afterward.

The towers used to be the center of business and work in the New York City, with 50,000 people working in the buildings in the normal weekdays. Furthermore, these two skyscrapers were the symbol of the city due to their height, which caught the eyes of the public.

World Trade Center

Tracing back to the incident of 9/11, it was reported that Al Qaeda Hijackers were the cause of this terrifying disaster, when they forces 2 jets with the code Boeing 767 to the two skyscrapers. The collapse of the two buildings after the attack also affects the surrounding towers to be damaged. The remaining of this act of terrorism were the death 0f 2,753 people and 8-month time of cleaning the ruins.

After such astonishing and shocking occurrence, the plan of reconstruction of the towers and other surrounding structures as given to the authority to be made. And the design by Daniel Libeskind was chosen Also, the date when the attack happened also become the name of a memorial, called National September 11th Memorial and Museum, which was planned to be constructed for those who died of this terrorist attack.